Respected executive leader and visionary global business strategist

John Sheptor is global business executive skilled in today’s competitive business demands for innovative approaches and achievement. As a chief executive officer and with a career in top management, Sheptor is a hands-on leader who builds for today’s profitability and tomorrow’s marketshare.

John Sheptor

He has real world experience implementing business solutions that inspire an entire organization. Sheptor knows how to solve a problems and build teamwork. He has proven himself time and again in diverse fields of industry and service – mining, healthcare, plastics, food ingredients, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and worldwide supply side management.  John Sheptor finds it easy to adapt strategies and savvy business models to suit each segment or niche, and to organize strategic vision that will result in meaningful revenues and results for an organization.

A thought-leader’s career, style, and credentials

Throughout his career, there have been many occasions and contexts where innovative thought, keen observation and meticulous execution were of paramount importance to turn businesses around, and the visionary has been able to apply his mind to whatever situation that called upon his attention and deliver the best possible results, often turning around particularly adverse conditions and making them pay off.

Sheptor has sharp insight into how businesses and organizations can operate to the best of their abilities by being environmentally aware, efficient and time-conscious. As a result of these skills, he has been appointed to management positions all over the world.

Sheptor earned his corporate stripes as the executive vice president in charge of Operations and IT for a major sweetener distribution company. Then he joined a greenfield construction company as a corporate leader and brought together many successful construction projects. A strong believer in the exponential benefits of collaboration, he has conducted workshops to integrate the best practices in various vertical segments of manufacturing, operations, supply side distribution, strategic management, implementation, and construction projects.

While working together with major corporations, John Sheptor has been called upon to offer insights into consumer behavior, targeting and marketing, all of which he was able to incorporate with his vast experience, and his unique ability to “feel” for the pulse of a market. He has been able to give useful strategic approaches to marketing strategies that have helped businesses tide better adapt to ever-changing marketplace margins and demands.

Sheptor has had the opportunity to revolutionize global humanitarian operations. He was asked by the White House to oversee and solve HIV/AIDS drug supply distribution to underdeveloped countries, and, in some case, seeming impossible obstacles.

He spent nearly eleven years in South America and Europe and has been instrumental in bringing about the advantages of supply chain management, strategic business and manufacturing in many industries.  As of now there are 80-odd countries which have benefited from his strategic vision and projects that span a multitude of areas.

Work ethic that distinguishes John Sheptor

John Sheptor listens to a colleague’s perspective.

John Sheptor is one person who has always remained grounded and humble, even while fulfilling his roles and responsibilities as an executive at the very top of many companies and organizations around the world. He has always seen himself as a human being, a people’s person who see other people as they are, and reacts like anybody else. He listens, guides, and leads. This humane approach made him a favorite among all those who met him.

Sheptor is a man who thinks can think on his feet and take action, whether in a board room or before the news media. There were and still are numerous times in his busy days when he has made decisions, pulled together facts worth several hours of deliberation, and arrived at decisive action that has been implemented meticulously.

He does not waste time mulling over the past, but rather excepts to learn from it.  He relies on an inner resilience to lead and make the right things happen in any situation.

Sheptor’s actions always balanced the interests the organization he worked with, and the customers and communities they served.

As someone who has held the highest leadership positions in diverse organizations, John Sheptor anticipates and acknowledges the need to prepare for changing the priorities and competitive challenges. He understands that teams have huge potential which can be harnessed by handling the dynamics in the team with skill. He ultimately believes in building the foundations of an organization strongly, and this applies to principles of honesty, openness, transparency and ethics.

This honesty and temperament has made John Sheptor a respected and authentic thought leader.